Songs For Everything Wrong

by Melissa Buckley

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released September 19, 2016

Recorded by James Green & Will Phalen
Engineering, Mixing, Production: James Green & Will Phalen
Mastering: Carl Saff
Album Art: Liz Gorman & Justin Kielsgard
Special thanks to: Will Phalen, Anna Phalen, Mike Tasevoli

all songs by Melissa Buckley



all rights reserved


Melissa Buckley Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: I Know
would you be my love if i was another me
would you call me up if i wasn't such a creep
could you find the time for me when the seasons change
i know

call me in the morning when all the bullshit ends
call me when i'm finally the way i wasn't then
did ya know that i wrong
what's it take ya to believe
won't u see the future, the way that it could be
i know

you never listened when i told you i should wait
i only realized it after it was too late

would you love me more if i promise to behave
would you hold me close if i told you i could change
i'll love you forever until the end of time
i know x a million
Track Name: Heartbreaker
harsh thoughts pathetic thoughts when did it come to this
i can't look at myself another minute i'll be sick

i've cried i've tried i've cried i guess it's said
i can't resist the thoughts that come when you are gone
i must admit it's turning me on

why did you go?
we were so in love a week ago
and now i'm sitting in this room by myself with your perfume

i don't appreciate what you've done you've dropped me and left me for dead
with nothing to turn to except the vermouth
and the voices inside of my head

how did you think it would be?
when you packed up and said you would leave?
what does it mean when you kiss me so sweet and the feelings flow down from my head to my feet

and i am alone now
coveting harboring wrestling with thoughts of you
she takes a drink from the glass by your bed
kisses you sweetly and gives you some head
and i'm not sure if they'll be anything left if even decide that i ever want to see you again, heartbreaker
you left me i'm done

i don't mean any of this
i want you to be happy
i think i'm only looking
for some attention baby
Track Name: Corpus Eve
here i am a-lone again
your voice inside my head

take me to a place of lies
where summer never turns to night

lay down and count to sleep
i won't leave

hard as ice but not to find
your pictures dancing in my mind
Track Name: Comes w the Territory
you make me feel like i'm crazy
i've been up all night
lines and pens inside my head
really want to hide

always one thing or another
nothings black or white
wish that i could do it over
get it right this time

met this guy i liked a while back
he liked me too
we had fun under the sun
but i said 'bye' too soon

i've been on the road a-while
travelling for days
maybe nobody can love a girl who's built this way

seasons come and seasons go
careful not to get too close
my mind is warm but my bodies cold
kinda comes w the territory

he's an artist yeah
he's so fine!
he's got friends!
i know how this ends
we get involved
i come around
we fall in love
the world is our playground

i don't know what i was thinking
never thought it'd be this way
i dunno where i am going
i'll call ya sometime when i've got it made!

seasons come and seasons go
careful not to get too close
my mind is warm but my body's cold
it's nothing i can't handle baby

feel your fingers on my throat
yr skin is in the moonlight glow
i promise i will let you go
it kinda comes with the territory
Track Name: winter sun
last in the cold in an old winter coat
come round come down to the colts
left in the barn with a scar on yr throat
come round, come down to the coast

i saw what you brought when you came to my house
dressed in white on yr bike in the sun
they were there in the air as the lies laid aloft
settled down when they found you had gone

and the missions relieved the salt in yr eyes
the soft sleeves that needed to hold her tonight

long in yr arms i was ready to go
listen while there's time to look back
standing strong on the thorns from the tracks you had cast
blood and glass didn't scare you at all